Breeding Show-quality Alpacas

Most ranchers don’t have a plan when it comes to alpaca breeding. At Black Barn Alpacas, we don’t leave breeding and care to chance. Instead, we take a scientific, sustainable, and caring approach to breeding to produce show-quality or “typey” alpacas on our farm in Finksburg, Maryland. Our breeding program includes the following measures to ensure success—producing the finest quality fleeces and the happiest alpacas in the country.

Our breeding program includes the following measures to ensure success:

  • We use EDPs to track genetics and identify the highest breeding success rate by averaging the best alpaca qualities.

  • We limit herdsire breedings to ensure quality pedigree and animal safety.

  • We produce certifications to back the quality of our animals with scientific data and facts.

  • We conduct follicle testing to ensure fleece and fiber color accuracy and consistency.

  • We use histogram graphs to log and track fleece data year over year, ensuring

  • consistency and improvements in frequency and amplitude.

  • We constructed a well-planned farm to protect the herd with idyllic enclosures, spacious

  • pastures, and secure stalls with state-of-the-art cooling systems.

  • We give loving care and attention to ensure our alpaca friends are happy, healthy, and relaxed.

History of Alpaca Breeding

Alpacas are native to Peru and Chile. Over 35 years ago, the first alpacas made their way to the United States and have been thriving here ever since. As of now, there are only around 50,000 alpacas in the country and 20 alpaca ranchers in Maryland. At Black Barn Alpacas, we are determined to build America’s alpaca herd with strong, happy, and healthy alpacas.


Our alpaca herd enjoys spacious enclosures with grazing pastures, comfortable stables, routine checkups, and lots of one-on-one attention from our family and guests.

We are committed to sustainable breeding practices backed by science and care over quantity and scale. In addition, we utilize sheared springtime fleece to produce locally handmade apparel and home goods.

Our Commitment to Sustainable and Caring Alpaca Breeding Practices

At Black Barn Alpacas, we live on the farm in Finksburg, Maryland with our alpaca herd and view them as members of the family. We are committed to taking care of our animals by providing the best environment in which they can thrive.

Of course, we also supply them with lots of kisses and nose boops!

Alpacas for Sale

To learn more about our alpaca breeding opportunities and animals for sale, please visit us below on OpenHerd.

Alpacas Sale Information

We have show and hobbyist alpacas for sale. Our typey alpacas come with certifications of quality pedigree and set the standard of perfect alpaca breeding. All alpaca sales will be evaluated to ensure the animals are going to homes just as loving as ours. Please note that alpacas are social creatures and must be going to a home with other alpaca friends or be purchased in a group.