Grand Opening of Black Barn Alpacas

Are you looking for a fun outdoor activity that lets you experience nature, learn something new, and have a great time? Then look no further than Black Barn Alpaca’s! This new family-owned alpaca farm just celebrated its grand opening and promises visitors a chance to get up close and personal with these incredibly cute and fascinating creatures.

Located in Finksburg Maryland, Black Barn Alpaca’s invites visitors to explore the farm, learn about alpaca care, and even take part in some alpaca activities, like feeding, petting, and even walking with them. If you’re looking for a fun and educational outdoor adventure, read on to find out more about Black Barn Alpaca’s, and what you can expect from a visit to the farm.

Visiting Black Barn Alpaca’s is all about getting to know these gentle, intelligent animals. Alpacas are soft, fuzzy creatures that resemble smaller and less hairy llamas, and often have personality traits that make them special to connect with. The farm’s tour will introduce you to different alpacas, from babies to adults, and explain their different roles and responsibilities within the farm. Learn about their fiber, care, and bond with each other.

Apart from meeting the alpacas, Black Barn Alpaca’s offers its guests an opportunity to explore the farm, which is nestled in a beautiful rural area of Maryland. The farm is beautiful with eye-catching scenery and impressive views of the countryside and surrounding mountains as an added bonus. Follow the trail to discover the fiber studio, gift shop or peruse the various stalls to learn about the alpaca products.

We are passionate about alpaca and love to share that love with others through a wide range of events and activities. Whether you’re interested in learning more about alpaca breeding or shearing, or just want to take part in a fun craft class or hands-on experience, the farm regularly hosts a range of events that cater to both adults and kids.

Black Barn Alpaca’s store offers soft, luxurious alpaca clothing, fashion accessories and unique gift items made from their alpaca fiber. Their products are fresh-off-the-farm, each unique and of premium quality. Their merchandises undergo strict quality control to ensure that only the best are available for customers. So be sure to get yourself a souvenir from your visit.